January tends to be my writing-only month, so I have fallen behind with my news updates. Rather than sending out several posts, I’ve condensed the latest updates in this digest.

Two portraits of smiling women. On the left is Jai, wearing a black dress and her long black hair pulled over to a shoulder. On the right is Naomi, a woman with brown hair smiling at the camera. She is wearing a purple top and a silver dangling earring is visible from her left ear.

I’m honored to receive the 2020 Gerard J. Mangone Young Scholar Award from the University of Delaware’s Francis Alison Society. The award recognizes promising and accomplished young faculty. I am honored in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences category, and Naomi Samimi-Sadeh, Naomi Samimi-Sadeh, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences, is honored in the Natural Sciences and Engineering Category.

Read more about this on UD Daily.

In November 2020, the Medical Heritage Library celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary Conference. I was thrilled to receive the invitation to deliver a keynote…despite several technical issues on my part, which thankfully, has been edited out of this recording!

Virdi offers an in-depth analysis of this technological development and the obsession of medical science, media, and consumers to find a cure for deafness; at the same time, she also draws attention to the individuality of the deaf person who might not consider deafness as a tragedy that needs to be repaired. She argues that we should acknowledge the autonomy of choice and the diversity of the deaf persons who might not be willing to embrace the possible technological solution to get assimilated into the hearing world.

Manali Karmakar reviews Hearing Happiness for the Medical Humanities Blog.

 Thinking about everything with accessibility in mind can actually be quite a radical movement. 

Brandy Schillace interviews me for the Medical Humanities Podcast to discuss Hearing Happiness, disability design, accessibility, and social justice.

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