Pre-Order Giveaway Contest!

I originally launched this contest in November 2019 (!!), but as you know, the coronavirus pandemic changed things and delayed the release of Hearing Happiness. I also had trouble getting the order for the “retro” buttons fulfilled and after months of waiting, I gave up.

But that doesn’t mean the contest has been cancelled!

We now have a NEW giveaway contest full of exciting stuff. If you’ve already entered, you submission will count towards this new contest.

To enter: pre-order a copy of Hearing Happiness or request your library to purchase a copy, fill out this form and upload a receipt/order.

Entries will be randomly selected for one of three prizes:

Prize II

RadioEar Hearing Aid

Prize I

A Hal’s Pals Ballerina Doll wearing Hearing Aids

Grand Prize

Hal’s Pals Doll, 1950s Zenith Hearing Aid, Mug with your name in ASL, #AccessIsLove sticker, one University of Chicago Press book (under $40 USD).

The contest ends on Thursday September 3, 2020.

Good luck and thank you for supporting Hearing Happiness!

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