READ: Editorial on ADA Turns 30

The stories of disabled people add to the richness of our cultural heritage, but it is important to acknowledge that their struggles were not erased the moment the ADA was signed into law. Thirty years later, disabled people still face significant challenges and discrimination. Activists and advocates continue the fight. The coronavirus pandemic, for instance, nearly immediately made remote work and learning accessible, features that disabled people have been demanding for decades but been denied. 

I’m pleased to serve as Series Editor for the first series for All of Us, the Disability History Association’s blog. The series, ADA TURNS 30, center disabled stories and chronicle the multitude of disability experience both before and after the passage of the American with Disabilities Act.

Read my editorial on All of US, where I contextualize the history of the ADA and outline the aims for the series.

Header: ADAPT activists surround a statute of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Photograph by Tom Olin, via Smithsonian National Museum of American History.