An indian woman with shoulder length curly hair smiling and holding a copy of Disability and the Victorians.
A book with my name on the cover!
A woman's hand holding the yellow book of Hearing Happiness against a blurry background.
Liz Plank tweets: “What is it like to be deaf when everyone is obsessed with trying to fix you? @jaivirdi unpacks this and more in her beautiful new book. I highly recommend!”
Jai sits in the middle of a grey sofa smiling and looking at her copy of Hearing Happiness. to her right, Benny, a small white dog with one eye, is lying down and leaning against her leg. He is smiling. To Jai's right is Lizzie, a small white dog who is sitting up with a serious expression. There are copies of the book next to both dogs.
Benny and Lizzie join me for story time. They can’t read from their copies, so I’m reading to them.