The PhD Board: August ’11

It’s been a while, largely because for the longest time after moving, I didn’t have a desk. And  now that I finally have some wall space in front of my desk, it’s time to dig out the boards from my parent’s storage room. In the mean time, this tiny board will do.

Yes, I use two laptops while working. Like a boss.

The PhD Board: November ’10

November’s been a pretty hectic month for me. In addition to all the deadlines and responsibilities, I’ve also moved to Toronto (from suburbia). Well, I’m still ‘moving.’ Work gets in the way of packing and unpacking.

So here’s my temporary PhD board, courtesy of an IHPST carrel. Not as pretty, but at least it’s doing it’s job.

And yes, you don’t have to remind me: I’m aware my Monday Series is late–it’s on my laptop…which is at my old home. Sighs.

P.S.: happy bleated Thanksgiving to my American friends!

The PhD Board: October ’10

Alas, not much advancement has been made on the dissertation front. I am incredibly upset and frustrated about this, but work, teaching, and publishing obligations have dominated my writing and reading. Thus, the seemingly randomness of my histsci posts lately…

I’m going to HSS/PSA in Montreal on November 4-7 (hurray!!) and I hope to meet other histsci bloggers there! And I’ll try to get back to my dissertation work, hopefully, so I can resume posting on it as well.

Here’s a sad excuse of a PhD board (*sigh):

The PhD Board: August ’10

The aftermath of a three-day study session and the completion of a presentation paper.

August has been slow, research-wise, for me, as I’m frantically trying to meet writing deadlines and complete everything before September. This summer went by far too quickly!

I truly have an addiction to coffee. You think this is bad? You haven’t seen my trash can or my nightstand. Oh wait–

Only two of the cups are not mine!

(Also, I’m aware I need to pick up my trash. I have a tendency of going on writing binges, making a giant mess, then cleaning it all up after)