My Agenda. Also, I really like comics.

Seriously. You should just see my agenda, aka my “lifeline.” I had the misfortune in December to misplace my agenda and was in a daze for at least three weeks as I scrambled to remember all the tasks, assignments, and deadline that were looming upon me. I used to deal with my loss by keeping random scraps of paper full of to-do lists but after a while, it just got annoying to clean my desk every week. It took me until April–a good four months!!–to finally cave in and buy another one. “Cave-in,” I say, because I never cheapen out on my agendas and take way too long to choose the right one.

This brings another point into mind: with all sorts of techno-gizmos out there for organizing your life, are (paper) agendas outdated? I remember back in grade school, when the government and school board decided to include agendas into schools to help students get a head start on their organizing skills and keep tabs on homework. They were free and I know I only used them because my teachers required a parent’s signature to make sure I did my homework. I don’t think I ever really depended on them until my senior years of high school. I suppose it was the overwhelming amount of advertisements in them that just turned me off.

About six years ago, my partner brought me a palm pilot for Christmas, and while I like its convenient size (it was small enough to fit into the back pocket of my jeans), I just couldn’t keep updated on the schedule. It was easier and more convenient, yes, but took longer to write and manage my schedule.  I also tried a variety of desktop organizers and a few apps for my itouch, but I always end up writing something down. So I stick to what works for me.

What do you think? Paper vs. techno-gizmo: what’s your poison?