It’s been a whirlwind of days since I’ve returned from London.

I first had a lot of catching up to do with friends and family, especially those I didn’t get a chance to see over the holidays. This, of course, meant the first week since my return (and with me battling extreme jet-lag) was nothing but a calendar full of social events, gatherings, and meetings. I am grateful for all of these people in my life so I have no (work) regrets!

It’s amazing how disorganize one can be after spending nearly a month digging through archives and library catalogs. In London, I did my best to keep organized and on top of my research, planning on how I wanted to weave new sources to my arguments. But back in Toronto, my outlines and notes seemed to be incoherent, and at times I couldn’t see why I found a particular quote valuable. It was a weird experience and I thus spent another week trying to make sense of my notes and organize them again. Which I think I might have done….

Then of course, I had to catch up with all the projects I’m involved in, but left them in hiatus while I was gone. Piles of piles of workload and an overdue paper meant I got extremely stressed…and of course, this is the period when illness decided to creep in.


Having said all that, I’m back to the swing of things. Except I find that my work schedule has drastically changed. As of November, as I mentioned previously, I moved from suburbia to Toronto. When I lived in Woodbridge, commuting often dictated the course of my daily schedule. I would either wake up and go to campus to deal with meetings/projects/library books/errands and then go home around late afternoon to work, or I would just wake up early and spend most of the day working and have the evenings off to relax. I found it difficult to keep the same schedule here–mainly that I can’t seem to get any work done before 8pm. There’s WAY too many distractions in the city. I’ve thus had to adjust how I work and how I approach working: evenings are usually the best time for me to think clearly and get some reading and writing done. Which means my new bedtime is now 6am. Unless I have a meeting in the morning, I’ll be sleeping until noon. Yes, you could say I’ve become nocturnal.

This makes me curious: for those of you who are working on your dissertation or have finished it, what schedule works best for you? How do/did you balance daily life with work? What was the best time for you to work?


*Yes, this is a reference to Watson. Or, as a friend humorously put it, the place from whence the robot uprising will spring 😀



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