Cliopatria Awards: Congrats, Thony!!

The Sixth Annual Cliopatria Awards for History Blogging announced the winners last night in conjunction with the American History Association meeting in Boston. Congratulations to all the winners, but I want to give a special congrats to Thony Christie, from Renaissance Mathematicus for winning Best Individual Blog!

Well done, Thony, for making the HoS community proud! Here’s the judges’ rationale:

If blogs are notoriously fragmentary and centrifugal endeavors, then it’s a particular accomplishment that Renaissance Mathematicus gives such a coherent picture of scientific and theological endeavor in the 16th and 17th-century. Calling himself a “myths-of-science buster,” Thony Christie convincingly shows the interconnections, idiosyncrasies, and rivalries (the “Royal Rumble”) of Renaissance scientists as well as their vaunted individual genius. And yet, if Christie writes authoritatively — sometimes obsessively so — the author’s sense of humour ensures that the reader is never intimidated. It is, in fact, a light-hearted blog, and that’s why it works: the history of science can be taken too seriously, and can be detached from life as it’s lived. Renaissance Mathematicus never lunges too deeply into esoterics, and often connects back to the present-day.

4 thoughts on “Cliopatria Awards: Congrats, Thony!!

  1. Thank you, you’re too generous. In an emails exchange with Tom Levenson I said that it’s an award for history not HOS and I know at least a dozen HOS blogs that are better than mine let alone history blogs. Yours is one of that dozen.

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