Holiday Hiatus

It’s currently snowing like crazy in Toronto. A bit cold (-26 degrees Celsius with windchill) but I think it’s breathtaking: truly a winter wonderland!

Holiday season is finally here so I’m going have to take a hiatus from blogging–and the blogosphere in general. Not to worry, Dear Reader, I’ve pre-scheduled the remaining Monday Series posts on Alexander Graham Bell, so they’ll go up every Monday.

Finally finished with the packing and moving day is on the 27th. Excited, but sad and nervous at the same time. I also have to start and finish grading a stack of essays and then write my presentation for the upcoming BSHS Postgraduate Conference in Manchester. Let me know if any of you is going to be there too! And I have yet organize my research trip to London as well as submit the final draft of my PhD proposal… On top of all this, a string of holiday parties occupy my schedule! Thank goodness I finished with my shopping list.

Happy holidays, Dear Reader! All the best for 2011!

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