143 in Inbox

Just returned from HSS in Montreal! It was wonderful to see everyone again and meet some new faces–especially readers of my blog and Michael Robinson. Sorry, Tweet peeps, for the lack of updates. I don’t think I even went on the internet once the entire weekend (how liberating is that?).

I have a HUGE backlog of emails waiting for me, so posts will resume either late tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.

Hello, Toronto!

5 thoughts on “143 in Inbox

  1. Next year in Cleveland we should get the blogging crowd together at a bar somewhere. I managed to see a lot of people individually but its also fun meeting as a group. Good luck on the writing Jaipreet – great to meet you.

    1. I like that idea, Michael! It was super busy on my end so I didn’t really have a chance to talk to everyone I saw from afar. I think proper planning ahead of time might be a good idea (I even got an invite via Twitter but didn’t even see it until I returned!)

    2. Sorry we didn’t meet up Michael! It would have been great to see you in person, but we’ll get around to that sooner or later no doubt. If HSS is meeting in Cleveland, I may just tag along to say hello – I find myself becoming more and more of a historian every day anyways … but no less of a philosopher, of course!

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