The PhD Board: October ’10

Alas, not much advancement has been made on the dissertation front. I am incredibly upset and frustrated about this, but work, teaching, and publishing obligations have dominated my writing and reading. Thus, the seemingly randomness of my histsci posts lately…

I’m going to HSS/PSA in Montreal on November 4-7 (hurray!!) and I hope to meet other histsci bloggers there! And I’ll try to get back to my dissertation work, hopefully, so I can resume posting on it as well.

Here’s a sad excuse of a PhD board (*sigh):

6 thoughts on “The PhD Board: October ’10

  1. I knew you would notice them 😉 Yes, those are Darwin Books–Peter Bowler’s Evolution, David Young’s Evolution and Phillip Appleman’s Darwin. I’m TAing a course on the history of evolutionary biology this semester…for the third time in a row.

  2. 😀 you Darwin folks and your one-track minds! Marga’s teaching Part 1 this semester. It’s my first time teaching in tutorials, so I’m actually enjoying expanding on lectures & creating my own mini-lesson plans

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