War Games

I watched WarGames (1983) last night,

and I couldn’t help but recall Arthur Roberts’ (1912–2004) song “Take Away Your Billion Dollars” (1948):

Up on the lawns of Washington the physicists assemble
From all the land are men at hand, their wisdom to exchange.
A great man stands to speak, and with applause the rafters tremble
‘My friends,’ says he, ‘you all can see that physics must now change.
Now in my lab we had our plans, but these we’ll now expand,
Research right now is useless, we have come to understand.
We now propose constructing at an ancient Army Base
The best electro-nuclear machine in any place.
Oh – it will cause a billion dollars, ten billion volts ‘twill give,
It will take 5 thousand scholars 7 years to make it live.
All the generals approve it, all the money’s now at hand,
And to help advance our program, teaching students now we’ve banned…

*Click here to hear audio

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