New HPS Blogs!!

Historians and philosophers of science got two new treats in the blogosphere this week, with the launching of two different collaborative blogs:

Whewell’s Ghost is a blog dedicated to the History and Philosophy of Science and was launched by Rebekah Higgit, John M. Lynch and John Wilkins.   The blog is also available to any scholar, teacher, or researcher interested in HPS or related disciplines to cross-post relevant information from other blogs.

The Bubble Chamber is founded by the University of Toronto’s Science Policy Working Group, and is managed by IHPST graduate students seeking to connect their work more directly to the public sphere:

The idea is that we, as historians and philosophers of science, can create new applications for our specialized knowledge by bringing it to bear on social, political, and policy issues of general interest in ways that engage with a variety of people, from the general public to business people to working scientists.  We hope to find such applications because we believe our society as a whole could do with a better, more nuanced understanding of the nature of science, and its place in our modern world.

Always great to have new additions to the daily blog feed!

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