History of Medicine Reading Group

IHPST at University of Toronto hosts several reading groups on various HPS topics. This year, I’m organizing and hosting the History of Medicine Reading Group, to be held on Thursdays 2:30-3:30 at Gerstein Library. If you’re a UofT student or scholar and are interested in joining, please send me an email. A schedule will be determined shortly, but most likely we’ll meet once or twice a month for the academic year.

This year’s selection is: Mark Jenner and Patrick Wallis (eds), Medicine and the Market in England and its Colonies, c.1450-c.1850 (2007).

What was the medical marketplace? What is a ‘medical marketplace’? This book provides the first critical examination of medicine and the market in pre-modern England, colonial North America and British India.

Chapters cover the most important themes in the social history of medicine from the fifteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries, addressing healthcare in town and country, among rich and poor, women and men, and examining both patients and practitioners. Drawing on recent developments in the history of exchange, they offer new understandings of the ways in which diverse aspects of healthcare operated and changed in this period of social and economic transformation.

Each chapter offers significant new interpretation of its field based upon a critical examination of the applicability of the medical marketplace model and presents substantial new research in an accessible style.

Chapters are as follows:
* Introduction–M.S.R.Jenner & P.Wallis
* Medical Economies in Fifteenth-Century England–R.Ralley
* Competition and Cooperation in the Early Modern Medical Economy–P.Wallis
* The Rural Medical Marketplace in Southern England c.1570-1720–I.Mortimer
* Magic, Alchemy and the Medical Economy in Early Modern England: The Case of Robert Fludd’s Magnetical Medicine–L.Kassell
* The Marketplace of Print –M.Fissell
* Recipe Collections and the Currency of Medical Knowledge in the Early Modern ‘Medical Marketplace’–E.Leong & S.Pennell
* Midwifery in the ‘Medical Marketplace’–A.Wilson
* Illness in the ‘Social Credit’ and ‘Money’ Economies of Eighteenth-Century New England–B.Mutschler
* Medical Marketplaces beyond the West: Bazaar Medicine, Trade and the English Establishment in Eighteenth Century India–P.Chakrabarti
* Monopoly, Markets and Public Health: Pollution and Commerce in the History of London Water 1780-1830–M.S.R.Jenner
* Medicine, Quackery and the Free Market: The ‘War’ Against Morison’s Pills and the Construction of the Medical Profession, c.1830-c.1850–M.Brown

If you have any questions, please email me.

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