Continuing the Conversation: Friday Links

Sage Ross discussed this in a comment on my last Continuing the Conversation post, but Adam Bencard takes the discussion a bit further and elaborates on the academic benefit of blogging.


New to grad school? Read this first.

Great post on the ‘material turn’ and object-centered histories; but I really like the word “googlifiable”.

I had a conversation a long time ago with a friend on dating in academia. Since both of our partners are non-academics, we couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like having a partner who was going through the same trials and tribulations of grad school. I’m happy with my choice, but what’s it like being a historian’s wife?

Teresa Iacobelli discusses a new and awesome website that merges old photographs with new technologies.

Dogs in Space!!!

Who said history of science was boring? Here’s some not-so-innocent ladybugs! And slugs!

And finally, I thought I’d share this because it’s too funny (or maybe I have a weird sense of humor).

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