2 thoughts on “Two main reasons why I never get any work done at home.

  1. Wow, I have the exact same problem. Loki is so adorable that I never get anything done. It’s just me and him alone all day, and I end up walking him and playing fetch or something.

    Also, your dogs are cute as hell. We should introduce them to Loki. That would truly be a cuteness overload.

  2. Yup. When they’re sleeping or quiet most of the day, it’s amazing the amount of work I get done. However, when they’re all cute and adorable and screaming for attention–sometimes literally–I end up playing with them for hours and hours. And teaching them tricks. I once spent the entire day teaching Lucy how to “shake paw” and succeeded.

    Considering the random dogs that just walk up my front steps and the weekly adventures my dogs get themselves into (speaking of which, I HAVE TO tell you a long adventure story next time we meet), I don’t think I can handle any more cuteness overload. Actually, I can. It’s just my work will suffer. And I can’t have that, now can I?!

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