My Agenda. Also, I really like comics.

Seriously. You should just see my agenda, aka my “lifeline.” I had the misfortune in December to misplace my agenda and was in a daze for at least three weeks as I scrambled to remember all the tasks, assignments, and deadline that were looming upon me. I used to deal with my loss by keeping random scraps of paper full of to-do lists but after a while, it just got annoying to clean my desk every week. It took me until April–a good four months!!–to finally cave in and buy another one. “Cave-in,” I say, because I never cheapen out on my agendas and take way too long to choose the right one.

This brings another point into mind: with all sorts of techno-gizmos out there for organizing your life, are (paper) agendas outdated? I remember back in grade school, when the government and school board decided to include agendas into schools to help students get a head start on their organizing skills and keep tabs on homework. They were free and I know I only used them because my teachers required a parent’s signature to make sure I did my homework. I don’t think I ever really depended on them until my senior years of high school. I suppose it was the overwhelming amount of advertisements in them that just turned me off.

About six years ago, my partner brought me a palm pilot for Christmas, and while I like its convenient size (it was small enough to fit into the back pocket of my jeans), I just couldn’t keep updated on the schedule. It was easier and more convenient, yes, but took longer to write and manage my schedule.  I also tried a variety of desktop organizers and a few apps for my itouch, but I always end up writing something down. So I stick to what works for me.

What do you think? Paper vs. techno-gizmo: what’s your poison?

3 thoughts on “My Agenda. Also, I really like comics.

  1. I have always preferred paper agendas in the past.

    That said, I started using the calendar that comes with my gmail (google calendar?) to record my work schedule when I moved to Princeton. (This was my way of coping with the angst that comes from getting paid real money to do a postdoc, but getting to manage my own time as if I were still a grad student. I felt like I had to be able to account for my “work” time, so I wrote it all down.)

    I really like being able to scroll back and forth through the online calendar to see just when that conference was, or when my doctor’s appointment will be (I started putting personal stuff in as well, using a different calendar color).

    I also write myself a lot of reminders and lists using the sticky notes program on my Mac computer. This has worked out great, except for the time my Mac decided to irretrievably delete all of my notes. I don’t quite trust it as much since then (I lost about 60 notes).

    All of which is to say I too like to write things down and schedule my time, but sometimes I use paper and sometimes I do it electronically. 🙂

  2. I normally print out my Google calendar–all color coded and all–and post it up on my board. It serves its purpose as a reminder, nothing more.

    However, lately I’ve been having tremendous pangs of guilt over my use of paper. It’s come to the point that if I can find the “perfect” techno-gizmo to replace my paper-based agenda, I will shell out the big bucks for it. I love the iPad, but I doubt it’s usefulness. I don’t know. I think I’ll stick with paper for now, until my conscience gets the best of me.

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