The PhD Board: July ’10

I finally got started with writing my PhD proposal, so my desk is getting more and more cluttered as I try to organize all of my research notes and sources (and thoughts, of course!). The cardboard shelves from Walmart are a lifesaver; while they do take up precious space on my desk, it’s so much easier for me to find sources I need as well as important forms that I have a habit of losing. Now, instead of piling all papers in one giant pile and then searching through that pile when I need something, I have everything within an arm’s reach! Plus! There are labels! How organized am I?

I liked these shelves so much I brought another box to organize my dissertation chapters–yes it’s early, but a girl can have a head start 😉

There’s one of my overbearing bookshelves. I recently re-decorated my room and got rid of that ‘library-look’–now, one of my bookshelf holds the books I usually consult (the one above), and the other two merge books with decorative pieces for a warmer and welcoming feel to my bedroom/office (I’ll show pics later).

Before I forget: do you notice that Starbucks cup? My brother jokes that if anyone sees me with that cup, it’s best to stay away–it’s when I’m deep in work mode and will  yell at anyone who dares to bother me. Figures. My drink? Triple (sometimes quad)-grande-skinny-vanilla-latte. Before I went on holiday, there were 4 of those cups on my desk. Oh boy.

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