Photo Credit: Steve Russell, The Toronto Star

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

An overused quote, but fitting, I believe, for this fury brewing inside of me as a result of the G20 Summit, protests, and injustice that occurred in Toronto this weekend. Just to point out, due to work and family obligations, I was not at the front lines—but I was an avid spectator and experienced the events through the lens and words of my friends, Facebook and Twitter, live feeds and news blogs. I must finish a ridiculously overdue paper first,but then I imagine I’ll have a longer post discussing my perspectives on the G20 incidents–and trust me, there’s so many of them that only the local media managed to capture.

EDIT: this issue bothers me too much. After spending too many hours chatting, discussing, and debating on Twitter, Facebook, and reading blog after blog, I need a breather. This troubles me to such an extent–especially knowing that a good friend of mine was essentially kidnapped by the police–and occupies so much negative space in my mind, I need to step away. I have deadlines to meet and right now, I think I should be focusing on them.

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