Continuing the Conversation: Friday Links

ActiveHistory has three new posts up this week: the possibilities of digital media and print publication; the demolition of Colborne St. and the need to preserve community history; and Scientific Instruments as “a History with, of, and through things” (by yours truly!)

The 24th installment of the Giant’s Shoulders, the monthly blog carnival of history of science and science blogging across the blogsphere is up at Jost A Mon. I’m grateful for the mention of two of my posts on Curtis. Also, the deadline for the next edition is July 15th, and will be hosted at  The Dispersal of Darwin.  It will also be a special event, as it will mark the 2nd anniversary of this carnival’s existence!  Entries can be submitted through or directly to the host blog:

WORLD CUP fever! Do you find it distracting? Or are people telling you FIFA is more important than PhD? Have no fear– whatever side you’re on, just thrust this handy chart into their face.

Ooh. Lighting strikes a giant Jesus statute.

I’m a tremendous, crazy over the hill, LOST fan. Couldn’t help sharing this amazing project to mark the island’s hotspots and significant landmarks. Whoever said a background in cartography was useless?

Thony C. discusses a case study outlining the importance of distinguishing between urban myths and historical facts. Did you know true historical events can be even more interesting than urban myths?

Are you in New York? I know it’s last minute–actually it’s tonight–but Morbid Anatomy is hosting a special illustrated lecture called The Anatomical Unconscious: X-Rays Specs, Visible Women, and the Eros of the Unseen. For more details, visit Morbid Anatomy’s website.

The Wellcome Library started an archival collection of Francis Crick’s papers and such.

The Dittrick Museum is setting up for an amazing exhibit on the history of diagnostic instruments and on picturing the patient-physician encounter.

AAAS graduate travel grants available for those who are presenting or interested in attending.

Larry Cuban asks: are high tech gadgets addiction, dependency, or hype?

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