Continuing the Conversation: Friday Links

Very brief post, because I’m so busy catching up on my research and writing and haven’t had time to read anything else.

The Library of Congress has decided to archive Twitter’s tweets. Weird and a violation of privacy, or necessary for future historical research?

Continuing the Facebook Privacy Debate. Are alternative social networking sites necessary? Or will they all eventually fall into the same issues as membership grows?

The British Society for the History of Science just announced the Great Exhibitions! competition for public exhibitions that deal with the history of science and/or medicine. The prize is £300 and the winning exhibit will be the subject of a special feature in the BSHS’s Viewpoint magazine.

2 thoughts on “Continuing the Conversation: Friday Links

  1. True. But I just wonder whether this news will somehow, even in the slightest way, make people censor themselves now that they know future people will be reading through the tweets. The basic idea of this archiving initiative is that future historians will have another type of valuable source to reconstruct glimpses of the human past. 50 million tweets a day…and I’m assuming many of them are about Justin Bieber 😉

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