Petition to save the Wellcome Trust Center for the History of Medicine

The Wellcome Trust in London, England abruptly announced that intended to withdraw its funding from the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine. The Center does not supply health care for its population but rather provides an institutional source for historians of medicine to evaluate the history of health and illness. In 2000 the Trust reviewed the history of medicine in the United Kingdom and explored the developments of medicine, its current status, and the role of the Center within the area. The Center has thus become an important staple in London and as a friend of mine so eloquently exclaimed, the Center is considered as “the Mecca for historians of medicine.”

The Center has been committed to furthering the knowledge of medicine’s history in health and illness, not just in the United Kingdom, but also in other nations as well. The Center has produced and led by some of the most eminent historians of medicine, historians whose texts and articles built the bedrock of history of medicine courses. The late Roy Porter, wrote and edited over a hundred books and played a pivotal role in producing a new generation of social historians of medicine. Historians William Bynum, Vivian Nutton, Janet Browne, Christopher Lawrence and other wonderful scholars have worked and studied there—so has a great number of graduate students and postdocs. This is evident from the number of international scholars expressing their support against the closure.

I invite you all to sign the petition against the closure that is now online at:

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