And now…a blog


This blog is long overdue. I can blame it on all sorts of factors, including lack of time during my early years as a graduate student, the fact that I feel guilty writing for a blog when I should be writing my essays, and above all, the constant nagging voice at the back of my mind that insists this is pointless. But you know what? I wanted to jump on the blogging bandwagon when it was first paraded in front of me, even if I felt I had nothing relevant or worthwhile to blog about.

Blogging to me, is an extension of my skills as a writer. When I was younger, I used to ramble all sorts of philosophical speculations and curiosities about the world into a dinky little notebook I secretly called my “Idea Diary.” I also had a shoebox filled with loose-leaf paper stapled together and outlined with stories I believed would be the next great “chapter novels” (as I used to call them when I was 10). The title of the series? “Fire and Ice.” And each stapled story had a drawn and colored cover–and a summary and “reviews’ section at the back.

For the past few years, I’ve kept various blogs, but always ended up deleting them after failing to keep a consistent posting schedule. Why will this time be different, you may wonder? I finally have something relevant to say that I think is worthwhile and that I believe readers should read!

Up until now, I’ve been reluctant to share my PhD research with everyone. Sure, I’ve talked about it when I meet distinguished scholars I admire, or expressed my worries with my fellow graduate students, but I’ve never really discussed some of the central historical narratives or struggles I’ve encountered as a historian. I passed my specialist exam (or “comps,” if you will) today–hurray!–and while I was answering one of the questions asked, I came to the sudden realization that I’m completely in love with my research topic and so excited to begin the next stage: writing my dissertation.

Since this is my introductory post, I’ll save the details of my research for a different post. For now, I’ll like to introduce myself properly–I’m a doctoral candidate at the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at the University of Toronto. Broadly speaking, my research interest examines the conflict between medical practitioners and socio-educational institutions for the deaf during the early 19th century in England, and how these conflicts played a pivotal role in shaping a strong and particular social image of deafness.

I often find it difficult to separate my personal life from my academic life, since many of my ideas are inspired by both. I will, however, strive to keep this blog my more professional one. To read about my random musings (read: complaints) about daily life, feel free to visit my other blog, Designed to Impress.

This blog is still under construction. I have a few pages to add, some more posts to write, and even share some photos! In the meantime, welcome, Dear Reader!

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